Tuesday, 23 December 2008

it's all about being simple

i guess this is proof that a person can make all the plans they want....you just never know if they will succeed!

i'm trying very hard to accept that my impossible list of "Christmas to-do's" will go unfinished this year. it was a massive list. i can hear Erna and Dymphna laughing at me. they know that i am capable of lofty goals!

but. i do have a binder full of ideas for next year. and possibly the year after that. {{wink}}

in keeping it simple....here are some of the tasks i did work on this last week.

i can thank Khrys for this one. Little Yellow Bicycle is selling a sheet of die-cut ornaments this year. she insisted that this would be a fun one to do with my kids. they get high marks for being very simple. i added brads, rhinestones and photos i had leftover from other projects. the kit made three ornaments in total.

the next one is an ornament i'm working on getting the perfect pattern! i love the mathematics in this one.

you can find patterns here (free patterns - paper globes) and here. or you could order a kit from the Stampin'Up holiday catalogue (just die cuts....all you need to do is pop them out and fold and glue). seriously i just made up my own pattern. i used 20 circles - cut to the same size. and traced an equilateral triangle (elementary math....all three sides are the same length) in the centre of each circle. i did not use a ruler and get an exact measurement. it still worked. {just keep your ruler away from my ornament!!} so...go ahead and give it a try. you could have the kids decorate plain white paper. or even draw a picture in each circle.

this is one of my projects from my SIStv Christmas class. i think it was the first one posted. i loved it right away! so fun. i decided that this is another project to do with my favourite papers. this way i can admire the paper all season long! you know how it is... this was one of Wilna's projects.

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