Saturday, 3 January 2009

folding paper

i shared this awhile back....

and here is my version. i didn't use a photo, but added a bead instead.

i loved Aidans' comment: "WOW. that should be a Christmas ornament!"

i couldn't agree more! however i do think it will get extra-special attention....away from the tree!

it was a lot of work. i expected it would be...but i tend to allow myself to believe it won't be as bad as i expect....just one of my character "flaws"! thankfully i'm glad that i cut out ALL the paper first....once i did that step i HAD to use it. sure i could have used it for cards or layouts or something....but that would have required me to think and plan...that wouldn't do. besides my HEART was set on making a beautiful ornament just like Mireille had made. and her instructions were phenomenal.

{i also taught Aidan how to fold the design. it was a great experience for both of us! he loved seeing the paper turn into something....}


  1. Wow! That is so neat! Is it hard to do?

  2. That is so pretty!! It looks like it would have taken a long time to make. Great job! And thanks so much for the nice comments on my blog :)


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