Monday, 26 January 2009

if i fall down you pick me up...

i keep meaning to check out what the other girls are doing...and get set up on flicker....i'm hoping that next week will be better for that!

i have been double-siding my cards to be "partners". one side kind of explains the other. if that makes any sense!

it is sad sometimes how we can view ourselves. and how we can pass judgement on others. i want to remember that i was created to enjoy what God has created. and that also includes me!
i just finished reading "The Shack". wow. i would recommend the book, for sure. it really got me thinking. it is a true story. it really reminds me of the "Chronicles of Narnia" and the Tolkien series. it has been compared to "Pilgrim's Progress"....but i never read that book, so i couldn't say! there was lots of good things in the book, but right now i'm focusing on the reminder that God takes pleasure in His creation...and He loves us unconditionally.

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  1. Hi Roxanne...just wanted you to know I had been here. I've enjoyed your posts and congrats on some of your digi-scrapping with templates. Fun! I love your Project 52 cards. Andrea is so encouraging! Have a great 2009. May you find God to be even more than you imagined He could be in your life.
    Blessings in 2009!
    Jody Ferlaak- from SIStv


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