Friday, 23 January 2009

digi post

{oh my! second post in a single day....this must be good!}

okay if you love katie pertiet or ali edwards or rhonna farrer or jessica sprague....this will be a HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT!!

but if you have no idea who i'm talking about....maybe you will be IN AWE!

i am still waiting for my photo book that i made before Christmas to be delivered. it is finally finished the printing. now i'm waiting for Canada Post to bring it to me. it should have been here on wednesday....the suspense is driving me crazy! {a preschooler and a toddler could vouch for that!}

in the dear husband is being widowed by photoshop...again!

in the making of the afore-mentioned photo book....also known as a digital scrapbook {i made the pages on my computer and sent them to a printer to be put into book format}....i purchased some templates to make the process quicker. i had never used a template before. and as i was using them i got thinking, "hey! i could do this."

so today i did!

the first example is just a frame for a 4x6 photo.

i am just in experimentation mode. and since this is not a highly publicized or highly regarded blog....i wanted to document my first attempt. especially since it was in "eureka! it worked!!"
then i tried a 12 x 12 template. {which could also be scaled to any square page format.}

yup! again...not an amazing and sale-worthy sketch. but a great start, i think!
i made it in a psd file in PSE 7. each grayscale colour is a separate layer. choose the paper and a few special moves....

and this is how it ends up!
i used Jessica Spragues kit 'Home Away From Home" papers for my final page.

after i added the photo i did some tweaking on the shape of the large photo {easy} and thickened the vertical border {also easy}.
on a serious note.
i cannot wait to make some more frames and templates. off to a good start, at least! maybe i can make my own brushes too. oooohhhh the possibilities!! if anything, this took the sting out of waiting for our national postal service....
maybe you have some advice for me?! please.

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  1. I think this came out great, I have no idea about anything digital! I'm a paper and scissors kind of gal, but I love the end results.


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