Thursday, 15 January 2009

some work

i'm liking Project 52. it is good to keep a focus on the positive. and i'm using mostly my scraps for these layouts!

this verse i read off Wilna's site one day. i have the NIV Bible at home, but she usually posts verses in a different version. amazing how the way words get put together can bring something to life!
this is actually the last part of the verse. but i thought it fit best on the front.

and here is the missing part of the verse...maybe this should be side one?!
lately i've been very challenged in my faith. seeking to go deeper and understand more. God is so big....and i feel like i only understand a snippet of Him. what a journey the past year has been. personal growth. spiritual growth. and i still feel so far from where i hope to end up!! but i still want to see some fruit of that growth...the blooms!

this was the first year i did a December Daily album. i did the first 25 days officially. but i added some extra pages and photos of other fun things we did after Christmas Day.
the album is Kaiser with lots of glimmer mist. in hindsight....{usally 20/20}...i wish i had sprayed a lighter colour on first, and then used a mask for the bright green. or even tried paint. but i did what i did. and surely i'm all the better for it?! .... it is also a good reminder that the area where i do my scrapping is quite dark in the winter...
this type of album is assembled before December begins. really, you could do it for any month. and then the idea is to just add your daily notes and a photo of the day. simple.
but if your family comes down with winter illnesses....and life is busy other wise...this is still a challenge! however, it was designed for 2008 it had to get done! and although i was frustrated that sicknesses and Christmas had to come the same was great to look back on the month and see that it wasn't all bad. funny how we can so easily focus on the negative of a situation and totally miss the positive. but as they say..."the camera does not lie" as i reviewed the photos it was not difficult to miss the good.
no great details...but still an idea of the project.

i will definitely consider doing this one again. even in hindsight!

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  1. I love your 52 pick me up card!!! and your Christmas album is just gorgeous!!!


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