Friday, 23 January 2009

too cold!

yesterday was one of those days at our house. not sure if it was the cold. none of us wanted to stay home, but we didn't want to dress up to leave the house either. definitely a no-win situation!! even the computer seemed slow. maybe it was. or maybe it was just my imagination? i had to do about five "computer errands" and it took forever!

thankfully today is a new day. still cold. but it's a new day. and we can start the day with drawers of clean clothes. at least something good can come from crazy days like yesterday!

i had some time to myself on the weekend. hoping to create something new and different.

again. not all things in life go as planned.

it turned out quite simple. very different from my last layout!

over the past couple of months i have seen some amazing layouts using Sassafrass Lass. amazing. definitely have to keep this layout demonstrates. okay it isn't horrible....but it wasn't what i was hoping for. does that make sense? maybe i'm just not a sass-lass. sigh.

at least a girl can dream.....

this is for OLW. again very simple. what's with that?! not so sure Basic Grey and Pink Paislee can go together...

even if the scrapbook layouts don't come out as i had least they still tell a story...share a memory. and that was the initial purpose anyway.


i do need some inspiration. i think the cold January temperatures are freezing my creative side!

anything inspire you lately? do share!!

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