Saturday, 14 February 2009

happy VALENTINES day

we have a busy day ahead today. which has also followed a busy and very hectic week! i worked full-time during the day. after the kids were asleep i ignored my poor husband and crafted up a storm. my desk and work area tells that story well! it was the last week of Wilna's he(art) class. day one, i loved the project. i didn't think it could get better. the next day i was proven wrong. and so the class went on that kind of "wow" during the entire two weeks.

i just wished there were more hours in the day. or that i needed less sleep!

we had ten projects in all. (i think?! very close to that number anyway)

i did some retakes of my photos for the first project of the coffee cup album. i'll share them after i've sized them for the internet. i also did a cute heart box that holds cards. and i loved the cute little heart cards so much that i didn't want to give them away. lol! i turned them into a cute little heart album for us to keep. so fun!! i'll share pictures of that this week. i'm also in the process of putting together a handmade album. i want to choose some special that may be a while to complete. we'll see how the creative juices and time coincide! not very often do i oooh and aaah over projects as they are being made. every project i've made of Wilna's has made me do that so far.

one especially grabbed me.

if you could have seen Wilna's...this is definitely a lift of hers. i did think about a different colour pallette...different layout. but i loved hers so much...i wanted a version with our photos on it! was a blast to create. and now i have other ideas floating around in my head to make more. now, i just need some more wall space....
i have loved viewing the projects that others have made. so cool to see the project that was designed for us, and then view it through each others' eyes (or work!).

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