Friday, 6 February 2009

puttering peacefully

for someone who "doesn't make cards", i've made a lot of them lately!

here are a few more. i made a collection of 6 cards as a gift. they all used Pink Paislee Spring Fling.

personally, this is my favourite.

apologies. i usually take photos of my projects during the day. these were finished last minute, late at i had a bright bulb in place of the sun. the colours can be a little funky.

i've also been crafting away at projects for my online class. so fun! tonight i got out my watercolour paints. it has been awhile. i turned on the love playlist that Wilna provided and painted away peacefully. earlier this week i printed out a few copies of the template on regular paper. all of us - including Kristian, my husband - coloured hearts with crayola markers. it was also peaceful for a long period of time. i intend to transform our kitchen table into an art table tomorrow. i am excited to paint with them. Kristian will be absent for this activity....but i'm sure he'll hear all about it!

it has been very rewarding to have been energized by this class. it has been very inspiring! thanks, Wilna!!

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