Wednesday, 4 February 2009


i hope you signed up for Wilna's (he)art class at SIStv. it is awesome. awesome.

i took down my picture of the album....and will repost it after the class is over. i'll post my versions of the projecct then too.

i decided to do a "love" album for Kristian and that the kids are part of our family, it is so easy to forget the two of us. it was kind of like a therapy! who would have guessed. and that was not part of the instructions!! too funny. i had originally intended to add the kids too. but when i looked at my photos, i saw our wedding ring picture. then i saw the photo of the roses he bought me. we haven't taken any good photos of the two of us together for awhile...but i did happen to have some great pictures that we had taken of each other.

so the base of the "album" is a coffee cup. WE LOVE our COFFEE! are you curious now....go sign up!

how appropriate to do an album built out of something we both love.

and the wedding ring photo. i used coffee beans as part of the backdrop.

i'm tired, so that is where the brilliance ended. but it was terrific to put onto paper the importance of us.

these days we are still battling germies in our home. we have had 2 months of this. we are tired. we seem to get lucky and get a few days here and there where all of us are feeling good. it is very frustrating. the past two nights have been brutal for me. and here i now sit at my keyboard. i will probably be totally exhausted in the morning too. but i think it will cheer me up to look at my little coffee cup album. and drink my cup of coffee....

i can't wait to show Kristian. and if it weren't for him also losing sleep, i would wake him up! yeah, that is the kind of wife i am. isn't he lucky?! {snicker}

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