Thursday, 5 March 2009

one more cup of coffee

i made another variation of Wilna's coffee album. it is as addicting as a cup of good coffee...

this one i made for a friends' birthday. we both share the love of coffee.

since my friend is a "she", i had to add lace and frills! i love how it looks like froth. and the cards inside sticking out...

i used some 7gypsies paper. it was perfect for the colours i wanted to use. they kind of had that coffee feel... except for the one with the maple leaves (middle card) is an old one from Creative Imaginations...i was impressed with how well it complimented the other papers. sometimes i get lucky!!

this was my favourite patterned paper out of the group. i'm sure the angel is using the horn to signal for more coffee....
what inspired you today?

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