Friday, 6 March 2009

kindred spirits

when i went back to work after Aidan was born...{most of us moms in Canada have the opportunity to have a 12 month maternity leave} plans for childcare fell through. i knew that i wanted to keep working. i was only doing casual substitute teaching and knew most of the dates well in advace. a few days a month was just what i wanted...and thankfully it worked for us! i also did not feel comfortable putting him into a daycare or home where i did not know the caregivers. working moms know how that search goes...talking to friends and reliable co-workers to get contacts...waiting for response. in the end, my childcare options turned out better than i ever could have dreamed!! my friend, Gloria, is the most amazing mom. Aidan was one. her son Christopher was two. and her daughter, Kelley was three. she was busy! Aidan was one lucky little guy to hang out with her family. from time to time, we watch each others' children. Kiara and her son have their own special bond. they always have. it must be a second born kind of thing, we figure!

this photo was taken last spring in our backyard.

the playing card says,
"The world knows little about it's greatest heroes."

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