Thursday, 16 April 2009


we have had a scanner for a while. i just tried to use it to scan my 12x12 layout and then "stitch" the two pictures together. (the scanner is only 9x12)

let's just say that there is a learning curve. just a slight one!

these photos were taken last fall in the late afternoon light. i'm amazed how much light we still get in our front yard at that time of day. can you see Kiara's head in the bottom corner of the photos....covered in leaves?! i used the new PP Enchanting goodies. i loved how their colours complimented the colours in my the sky and leaf colours.

i made several layouts a few weeks ago. now, i'll need to go and practice my scanning technique on them!
i've packed away most of my scrapping supplies. as i sorted through it, i laid it out on our living room floor, dining room floor and that was a bit of a surprise. most of it is now boxed up in our garage, and accessible if i need to search for something. i did leave a few of my most used toys in the house...and they're in a cupboard if i need them. i also made up some kits for me to play with while the stuff is in storage. it also makes it easier to take my goodies elsewhere and scrap away. it does hurt that there is still lots of new stuff coming out and i have pretty much no option to buy and hoard right now. on the other hand this is good for me to at least use my own supplies. what will i ever do with the money i'll be saving?!?!
any tips or advice for me to survive this next bit? any bets on how long i could actually go before i actually will need to buy something scrappy?

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