Monday, 6 April 2009

shouts of thanks!! long since i last posted!!

i have done some work. but not much. we've been busy with house stuff. good for the long term...but not very fun right now.

my friend, Kim, had a baby last summer. i finally got around to her gift. but i have to send out HUGE hugs of gratitude to Wilna!! i was so stumped on what do do for the album cover. until i came across Wilna's album in the Making Memories Baby idea book. here is my version. and i think part of it was inspired by the stuff i learned in the he(art) class with Wilna too.

soooo thank you for helping me with this Wilna!! Kim loved it.

i should have taken better photos. i knew i would be kicking myself over it later. this happens to be one of my favourite layouts. no pictures. but i also gave Kim some leftover supplies and such to add more pages, or help with the existing pages. isn't that little felt dinosaur adorable?! this is for her second son. she only has the two right now, and those adorable munchkins keep their momma on her toes every second of the day. literally!

my next help came from Little Yellow Bicycle. i don't know anything about it, but there was a cute and simple mini displayed at Urban Scrapbook. LYB baby line is soooo adorable!! on the display version, there was a combination of the chipboard pages and monthly journal/photo pages that are also sold by LYB. those little journal papers alone would make a cute album. they also had some great acrylic shapes too. sweet!

this one was for my friend, Erin. she has two boys....{her oldest and my oldest are about 6 months apart. Aiden and Aidan. and we live two blocks apart. to live up to my reputation and divert further from the main subject a bit...i had wanted to spell our Aidan with an "e", like Erin had. new mom euphoria or exhaustion...Kris filled out the official name form and i missed that one letter. such is life! but, not that i forget how to spell my own son's name...i ALWAYS get the two spellings confused when i refer to both of the Aida/ens'!!! what's with that??} now, Erin has a daughter!! and she is a cutie!

see those adorable journaling notes?

and i got to use my cricut on this one. the "home accents" cartridge was a splurge one day. i used it to cut several of the pages and also this little butterfly. they worked perfectly!!

there must have been something in the seems like everyone is having a baby this year! i could probably do a baby album a month and still not be caught up! wow!! not that i'm complaining...i LOVE little babies.....

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