Friday, 22 May 2009

oh happy day!

i had not been to my LSS for a long time. partly due to budget. partly due to time.

yesterday i NEEDED to get out! in record time i managed to find new papers and goodies that took me far over my budget....uh oh.

i grabbed one of my "basic necessity" bins from our garage on the way into the house....and went to work immediately.

i find it takes a clear head for me to scrapbook. i was amazed at how my energy recovered as i worked away. i even woke up this morning and scrapped some more. out of character for me! but when you have a certain girl who woke up at 6:23am....and i still had designs running through my brain....well, it just worked.

the one difference these days is that i don't have ALL my supplies available. most are packed up and not worth the trouble to get. instead i am seeing my limitations as a challenge. i am also learning that i depend on flowers, gems, brads and ribbon more than i expected. oh, and a variety of letter stickers too.

so instead of focusing on perfection....i focused on having fun!

even my masking tape came in handy. and the stapler.

this was a lot of fun!

YOU are growing so fast! each & every DAY with you is even more fun and i cannot believe that your 3rd year is nearly complete. but you are still my lovable boy.

i really like this photo. and i thought it worked well with the CollagePress papers.

i wanted to add journaling here, but couldn't find the right spot. then i decided that the photos speak for themselves!

i absolutely love the MayaRoad crocheted butterfly.

these are pretty common page layouts these days. nothing exciting in the "new" department. but i can't wait to put these in to their albums. wahoo!! good thing i went shopping....

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