Wednesday, 20 May 2009


winter in Alberta does not want to end!!

the fruit trees are begging to let their blossoms out....the grass is getting longer.....the perennials are slowly waking up....but the cold and the threat of snow is ruining the spring dance!

the one good thing is that my tulips are lasting longer than they ever have before. which is really odd. their were a few things about this house that annoyed me initially....and now i find them completely endearing. the old tulip bulbs. the buds don't last very long. i want to know the story behind them, because i came very close to digging them up and destroying every last one of them....but i couldn't do it. and here i find myself thinking that i will miss these hardy little souls. maybe the extra bloom period is a gift of thanks? i am not exaggerating when i say that there are even more blooms this year. is that not incredible?

i am still in the thinking process of how we will do a garden this year with the kids. we may just limit it to containers for this year. they were blessed to be able to help Kris' parents plant their garden this spring. i think it will be fun for them to have at least one garden that they feel a part of! in their memories it will not be a bad thing. perhaps they are old enough to help us plan where and what type of garden to do next year.
i am so pleased to see that they are fascinated with all growing and living things.
i'm not sure i mentioned before that we are moving across town. in preparation for the move we had to do a lot of de-cluttering and re-organizing and packing. part of it had to be my scrapbook supplies. i purposely packed it into containters that were clear and stacked them where i can still access them! but i also made several kits out of my supplies to allow me to continue to create. fabulous idea. i only wish that i had made the kits when i wasn't so tired!! but the scrapbook supplies was something i had to do AFTER the kids were asleep. the "mess" was spread out over our entire main living area. so crazy!
this layout and the one in my last post were pages i created from my kits.
it is fun to work from kits because it is a challenge. some of my kits were better than others, i think! but i do have an appreciation for being able to have all my supplies at hand to dig through for that perfect embellishment.
soon! i won't have the most spectacular scraproom in our new house. but at least my supplies can be better organized!
share your tips with me. PLEASE! what works for you in your organization? what have you seen that you think would be an excellent idea?

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