Tuesday, 30 June 2009

adding type

i was impressed how great this photo looked straight out of the camera.

once in awhile i get lucky like that!

this lilac bush grew at our old house. it's a Miss Kim....so smaller than the old fashioned shrubs. and the blooms are also tiny.

i thought i would show you two ways i used to alter this photo!!

with PICNIK.

can't remember if i used "ortonish" or "colour boost". it's possible i used both.

i also added a "vignette".

and type. tons of options here!

with my PSE7...

i did add more saturation to bring out the purples and greens.

i experimented with the type....loved how this turned out. it's Becky Higgins font. the black outline is a shadow effect, built in to PSE.

with PSE, you can also move the type. change the font after typing. change the colour. style. all you need to remember is to select the layer that has the type! but don't forget to add a new layer...don't type on the same layer as your photo. it is more difficult to make changes to the picture if you have the photo and type on the same layer. trust me.

i did not mention before that ADOBE also lets you trial their programs for 30 days. go here and download the one you want! it does take up a fair amount of space on your computer....and then when you have gotten addicted, you will need more room for all the photos you've adjusted!!

Adobe certainly has a lot more flexibility and wider range than Picnik. in my opinion! once you get comfortable with Adobe, you can do a lot. A. LOT. however....for beginners (and those more advanced!), Picnik is totally user friendly. someone new to photo editing can figure things out very quickly.

have fun!!

just thinking about the advances made in photography in the last 75 years....so funny that we are changing photos to look similar to those taken 75 years ago!

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