Monday, 29 June 2009


ever had one of those days?!

it has been an incredibly busy, emotional, stress filled week. last night i finally sat down and gave myself a break. laundry did not need to be done. dishes did not need to be done. cleaning could wait!

so i turned the tv on and spent some time online.

then i had an urge to do some digi-scrapping. as i worked, i had my heart set on doing some masking. but could not got my head to work through the process! closed that file.

so i decided to try a new technique with photos and couldn't get it to work with my edition of PSE. after multiple attempts of figuring out a different way to do it...gave up on that too.

my next desire was to look through the zillions of photos i had taken in the past few weeks. suddenly had a new urge to do some alterations to them. thankfully that went very well for me. i even have some that will be ready to print! {and later scrap!!!!}

seriously not their best faces. but still so cute! Aidan's serious face and Kiara's cute!!

the trick with photoshop is to think in LAYERS. and get your mind to see each layer like a TRANSPARENCY. some layers will affect the layers beneath it, while others don't!

several layers make up this photo. super saturated colours. de-saturated colours. sepia tones.

i wanted the heart to stand out. with my eraser, i removed the sepia and dulled colours until i could see the bottom layer. this is a very cool technique for some photos.

i am soooo loving the effects you can achieve with PICNIK. i'm wanting to learn how to get those effects on my own. i still need to practice using actions. but i know that will be a new addiction....

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