Thursday, 25 June 2009

a tribute

today we officially said good-bye to our first home.

a tough decision to sell. we owned it for nearly 11 years. the new owners took possession today.

we finally removed all of our possessions. cleaned. organized information that is only of interest to an owner of the property!

we loved that little house and wanted to make sure they felt at home. i planted a planter for them. wrote little notes about various appliances or plants or house parts.

the kids and i left them with a note on the blackboard in the basement.

the kids drew pictures.

i made a card....

wanting to make sure they felt welcomed.
when we moved into this home, our new neighbors were the ones who did this. which is quite a story! but the change of ownership was very much bittersweet. there was no way we wanted the new owners of our old home to feel that way themselves!
i'm holding on to the hope that they will be loved by our old gut tells me that my hope is deeply rooted and not to worry!!!

this card was inspired by several projects that have been done lately involving houses. i designed this template myself. it was a work done from my heart. the colour choices. the style of home. part of me wishes i were the fly on the wall as they entered the house and walked around their home for the first time....
off to shed some more tears....

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