Monday, 17 August 2009

praying for a miracle

i'm so thankful for our health. our safety. our freedom. so thankful that this little "blip" is a big disaster for me! but i am praying for a miracle.

last week i got the most awesome news that two of my scrapbook layouts were selected for publication. wahoo! this is something i had dreamed of for awhile.

this week i am worried that they will not be published at all. the magazine has not changed their mind...phew! i sent them Canada Post, with the promise they would be at their destination the following day....well in advance of the deadline. ugh! to my knowledge the package is still enroute.

you think i would have learned my lesson not to trust Canada Post. they lost some digital photobooks for me in January. they couldn't handle a letter from our lawyers office. apparently i am a bit of a slow learner!

i am trying to be optimistic. but still fighting back tears over this. and praying for a miracle. devastating. and to think too that the pages may be lost.

i am also debating about redoing them. but not all of the materials are still available.

Remember: keep smiling
tough. really tough.

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