Wednesday, 19 August 2009

still praying!

i am feeling more hopeful today.

i have more hope that my pages may have reached their destination. since it is a small town and follows the rules differently than a larger city.

so perhaps my prayer has already been answered?!

i am hopeful.

in the meantime....remembering to smile. also remembering why i scrapbook. {although this has been depressing and has kept me from crafting while i process the situation} anyone else have this problem? needing some comfort over here.....

here is a recent page i did of some older photos of Kiara:

ooooh! i LOVE this line of papers from October Afternoon. my LSS got it in while i was on holidays....and i came across it on the OA blog....with the cutest project. you know the kind that makes you say, "i wish i had thought of that". you have to click on the link to take you to 2Peas that has the rest of the project. oh. wow.
and the newest releases from OA......must. have. even though i really don't need them....i just really want them. a familiar story.
thanks for your prayers. and encouragement. keep them coming. even when times are good this girl need both!!

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