Tuesday, 6 October 2009

life's greatest ironies!

i decided to share this layout today. it's ironic because it mentions ice cream....which is the furthest from my mind today. it is definitely yucky fall weather. i was hoping for a warm-ish day to take the kids out for a fall stroll. instead it is rainy and windy. as someone said, "it's a winnie the pooh kind of day...blustery". ice cream is sooo out of the question. for today.

the other irony? happiness. one little girl has the grumpies today. i guess her mood matches the weather. she must have woken up this morning after having a bad dream, because she was awake early. ever since, she has had very few happy moments. unfortunately (or maybe it's most fortunate?!) her best time of day was during playschool. as "Anne" says..."tomorrow is a brand new day, with no mistakes in it yet."

this photo was taken last summer. we had just returned from a visit to our local historical park. the weather was hot and wonderful. we were all ready to relax and enjoy some ice cold ice cream. i think we all had a few cones that day!



the quickie glue pen is awesome! i went around all of the sticker die-cuts with the pen, then sprinkled a rainbow mixture of doodlebug sugar coating on top. i also liked how it has a fine "mist" around the edges too.

{Stampin'Up! has a little tool that eliminates the static on paper that causes it to stick like this. some projects require the neatness it allows.}


i went over all the black dots with stickles.

the papers are cosmo cricket and sassafrass lass. the flowers are prima that i've had kicking around forever. the die-cut stickers are also cosmo cricket.

hope your day is filled with happiness too. or at least the hope of happiness in the near future. and hopefully many memories of happiness filled days.

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