Wednesday, 30 September 2009



this was a happy marriage of Jillibean Soup, CosmoCricket and MayaRoad.

my kids love to do sommersaults! i'm so thankful to have caught this part of on on film. it just makes me happy to look at it. there are enough "not-so-happy" moments that it is important to focus on the "happy" moments of life! and is that quote not the sweetest. it's like childhood in a nutshell!!

this technique has been revitalized again. my friend, Heather, used some utee to make it. note to self: must buy some and do more.

i am really not a stamper. or cardmaker. yet i do find some happiness in both of those worlds. hmmm. for now i'll stick to those as my creativity nudgers when my pages need some new techniques!

i saw a cool canvas that combined the talent of paint and paper. very inspiring. it was also a fabulous way to use lots of paper. some of those sheets are soooo tough to cut into. {not because you can't physically cut them....they are just so pretty it is hard to know where to start the cut!}

we have some birthday parties this weekend. one is at our house, and the other we're hosting at another site. i have to admit that i secretly love planning parties...i have sooo many fun ideas. the difficulty is finding the time to execute them all. lol! there is nothing more to do with Aidan's party now that the invitations are done and sent. he is a lucky little guy to have so many other guys he calls his friends. now to concentrate on stuff for Kiara's. i was going to have them decorate cupcakes...until one mom suggested that cookies would be easier. i've been thinking about that one. i also have crowns for them to decorate with stickers. i have most of the items for their treat bags, but i think it would be fun to add a little book. since i got my zutter i've been in love with making little albums. little miss Kiara and i will make a quick shopping trip today to see if we can find more goodies. i am needing icing bags...used the last of them at their parties last year. you can tell how often i ice cakes! more happiness!!

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  1. Awesome work! I really love the letterinG! this lo has a great look to it! tfs :)


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