Tuesday, 13 October 2009

not scrapbook related whatsoever!

nearly a year ago i bought some of the awesome Heather Bailey's fabric. i had wanted to make some matching aprons for Kiara and myself. still waiting to start that project! i have decided that i also really love Heather Baileys' halter apron pattern. but nearly $13US...plus shipping...i tried to find some free apron patterns i liked instead. the good news is that i think i am really close! i think. i hope.

then i learned that there are some soon to be released fabrics from some of my favourite designers. {i can't help but think of my babysitter...to her these would not be designers...she's more into the New York type of fashion designers....i can hear her laughing at me!}


this is a new designer for me. aren't those just lovely?


this one too.


anna marie horner. yum!


heather bailey. still great!


aren't these the cutest?!

one of my newest favourite blogs. for sewing, that is! Fabric.Family.Fun  so inspiring. maybe i will purchase that pattern from HB that i'm in love with after all. i have plenty of sewing experience, but sometimes a reliable and good pattern is necessary. right?!

back to scrapbooking....
i cleaned off my desk and did some cleaning...the house is clean....the weather is not the kind to beckon me outdoors....the kids have the sniffles....perhaps a good day to scrapbook tomorrow. hopefully i can convince the kids that mommy needs to play too? it is also Aidan's 5th birthday tomorrow. we still have not finished their thank you cards, so it would be great to complete that task too.

i'll let you know!

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