Saturday, 17 October 2009

spending some time surfing before i go back to my own creative paper making.

you may know my two year love for all things CosmoCricket. or you may not. one of my dreams is to be a guest designer or even on their design team. should start doing something about that dream....

in the meantime...this is AMAZING.

i want a wreath just like that!!

and how about these projects. can't even pick just one favourite here!! i really, really, really want to know how and where i can get that "cogsmo" fabric. i know a certain little boy who would be so happy with his mommy if she could make him a quilt out of robot fabric....

you know what....just go straight to their blog home page and read for yourself...check out the cards....and the canvas. inspiring.

and PinkPaislee. i've loved them since the beginning. wow!

here is a cool new will soon see one of those on a layout of mine! at least i hope.

i also love SassafrasLass. love it. just don't know how to do it justice on my projects. in my dreams....this the kind of stuff i wish i could create!

how about this tip from Graphic45?

CollagePress? here are a few (or hundred) design and project ideas. ANd they are looking for new design team members....

and PinkPersimmon makes me want to be a stamper.

when, oh when will BasicGrey ever have a blog?!

MyMindsEye....another long time favourite. they had one year where i wasn't that thrilled with their designs. but check out their new ones!! talk about a come-back. yup, i'm back in their corner. here is an example of their really cool halloween papers....

can't forget one of the first awesome companies out there....MakingMemories. i get inspired checking out most of their designers' blogs. classic.

okay, time to get back to work. do you have a favourite? i would hate to miss out on another good opportunity to have more goodies in my stash!!

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