Monday, 30 November 2009

advent is here!

is it really December ONE tomorrow?! anyone else feel like November disappeared in the wink of an eye?

i am just getting our advent calendar ready for tomorrow. (last minute!)

candy is taking a major back seat in this department. the kids still have a ton of their halloween candy left over. instead i am filling it with activities. they love to do crafts and baking and out of the ordinary stuff. this also helps me from being overwhelmed with their "can we" questions! Aidan has already been asking to decorate the house for weeks. we still don't have a lot of the regular house decorating done....which should make it really interesting for the Christmas component!


print out a copy of the activities if you like.

i am still deciding on the December Daily album too. i really love looking at the one i made last year. i know i'll be taking's just a matter of making the decision to put them all in one place. perhaps the final decision will make itself other words, we'll see what kind of spare time i can find!

what are you doing to help you get into the spirit of Christmas?

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