Thursday, 3 December 2009


we set up our Christmas tree today. of course the kids were delighted! i think Aidan was worried that it wouldn't happen. usually we have a real tree, so this is early for us. i'm not exaggerating when i say that i think that little corner of our home looks perfect. i will definitely share a photo. for the first time in my life we have a Christmas tree nestled beside a fireplace. christmas card perfect!
{in my humble opinion!}

last December was a rough month for us. between flus, virus' and my grandma's funeral it had its share of lows. a month we have tried hard to forget. who wouldn't.

more exciting news in my little corner of the universe.


as you may have already read, i was THRILLED beyond belief to have this posted on the Making Memories blog a few weeks ago.

today it was featured at the Craft Gossip blog.

{here is the quick link to the tutorial post}

welcome to those who are visiting from that lovely slice of blogland. it's an honor, because there are some really amazing projects posted there.

yes. you could say i am in a fog of disbelief that this is happening to me. wow.

then i found out another one of my layouts was chosen for publication in our Canadian Scrapbooker magazine. pinch me!

i am just finishing up a digital photo book. then i can't wait to get my fingers dirty again with ink and glue and make a new mess at my desk.

thanks again!

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