Monday, 21 December 2009

christmas tags

in Christmas' past i used to spend a lot of time wrapping gifts.

not that they were hugely decorated. i simply spent more time thinking about the ribbon and paper. every year was different. some years it was just 2 colours, others it was an assortment of tones.

i guess there was my Costco phase and my pre-Costco phase! most years (pre-Costco) i bought the wrapping paper a year in advance at 75% off at stores like Hallmark.

then there was the spring i discovered Liquidation World. 75% off ALL THE TIME. i found gift tags.

now you can often find designers sharing their home made gift tags on line.

the 80's me has some in english and swedish. LOVE them. i'm thinking they would be perfectly adorable in an album. downloaded and saved. yay! thank you. (came across them on the CraftGossip blog....and will be visiting her site more often now) she also showed a cool tip for distressing. a brown spray ink is awesome for adding a vintage look....if you get a spot of it somewhere, it can look like a coffee or tea stain. in my case, i need to spray the ink before i run it through my printer if i want a crisp look.

there are a few at WorkInProgress blog.

and these made my Crystal Jeffrey Rieger at Scrapbook and Cards Today blog.  (again CraftGossip pointed me in the right direction. how did i not know that site existed before?!)

after viewing tag after tag available online, it suddenly dawned on me that i had not made home-made tags for many, many years. i think it is time to start doing that again. next year! since our presents are already wrapped and ready to go.

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