Saturday, 19 December 2009

joys of january

yes, i know it is still December!

but the snow theme still works...there are other things to look at besides the title.


this is a layout i am teaching at the end of January.

you can read the details on the Urban Scrapbook website. just go to the classes link.

all the supplies to create this page are included in the class. you will just need to bring your basic tool kit. the only unusual supply that has become part of my basic tool kit is a glue pen. there are lots on the market. i bought a Quickie Glue Pen by Sakura at Urban. i think i've had it for 2 years....and it still works great!! if you haven't bought one already, get a medium corner rounder. they are handy for everything!! i have an EK Success one that i've used for years. We R Memory Keepers corner chomper is new....and has 2 different sizes on the one tool. it claims to be heavy duty too!

it is a double layout. you will create both pages.

the plan is to have a class at the end of each month in 2010. those who can come each month will have an entire year in review album by the end of December 2010.

the first time i heard about such a fab idea was from my friend, Shaylene. she is the one who raised my confidence about things like doodling and having fun on a layout. i'm glad she is okay with me doing this. she was one of the girls who suggested using circles on this "born to be wild" layout. i never did ask her if this was what she meant!! she may have wanted to hit me over the head when i added other stuff. lol!! she's great and i'm so glad to have her as a friend.

{ironically, i will be the only one with a 2009 year in review album....seeing as i still have not perfected my ability to jump into the future, take photos and then return to present time. i suppose that technology will come after we are able to travel to the outer reaches of the universe?! haha}

here is a close-up of the first page. it is my favourite photo of my daughter for the month. i think it may even be my fave for the year....we will see!


here is the last page. i used black and white photos because the colours were too much of a contrast for me. i simply got lucky that Kiara's coat and hat complimented the paper colours so perfectly. {the papers and other supplies were chosen before the photos in this instance.} Aidan has a red coat. red and pink might work for valentines....but not with the purple snowflakes!

Urban Scrapbook January 2010

this is an acrylic snowflake made by the Canadian company Harmonie. there is a little more to this snowflake than meets the eye. i can't wait to share it with the class!

Urban Scrapbook January 2010

there are a few snowflakes like this one on the page. i seriously fell in love with this technique. in the process of creating this page i spent several days testing different methods of altering snowflakes. this is my most favourite by far! sometimes experiments turn out really well, and other times they bomb. this one proved to be very interesting, and also yielded several that were worthy of adding to the page! now if only i could have that happen more often.

Urban Scrapbook January 2010

another of my experiements. i had thought that all glitter was created somewhat equal. i certainly learned otherwise! not saying one is better than the other....however, it proved that i can have 3 different jars of white glitter because they truly are different. was that a good lesson?! hmmmm....

some new techniques that involve inks and stamps, micro beads, paper punches, glitter, glimmer mist and lots of sparkle!

i kept it on my mantle until i had to take it to the store. i love it when i like what i made!! even it if it is December and the title clearly spells January. lol!!

my next challenge is to think up the February layout. February Fever. February Frills. February Fun. the choices!! haha!!

that will wait until AFTER Christmas. for now it is Christmas all the way!!

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