Wednesday, 10 February 2010

winter beauty

i worked my third shift last weekend at Urban. it felt really good to have a clearer idea of what i was doing! it has been a long time since i have done a "new" job. it is not a complicated job. after typing up IPP's, anything is simpler! the last time i used a cash register was before computers were common on the scene. over 15 years ago. ironically doing things like returns or repairing human mistakes is not that much simpler with the new technology. there are still codes and procedures that need to be done a certain way for the store and the customer to be happy! go figure.

it was a busy night for us too! we had several girls who wanted us to help them pull together the right papers for their photos. we both love that part! we both have different styles, so it is fun to see how each other goes about matching papers and such.

i came home so inspired! i had totally missed some of the Harmonie papers on my last shopping trip. one of the customers had pulled out this amazing paper, and i fell in love with the colours right away. i am so lucky that they still had it on the rack. when i sat down i chose a photo that was already printed - too impatient to choose a new one and wait for it to print!!


i used the EKSuccess parisian edge punch. the Prima flower flower was a perfect match! as well as some old Making Memories ribbon. i had been waiting to use those American Crafts thickers for a while now too. i was also thrilled to use the Harmonie tiles on this layout. those are so totally fun!

i love the simplicity of the colours and shapes. i decided that one of my Christmas Day hoar frost photos would also have worked well. had i been more patient, of course!



i finally made one of those new spiral flowers. originally i intended for them to be used on the paper to accompany the organza flower. then i changed my mind.

i have my second class coming up next week. unbelievable! of course it is a shorter month and that made the second class come that much quicker. they added a second class, so i get to teach it twice. i'm so excited to teach the paper roses. so. excited.

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