Friday, 12 March 2010

baby boy


i just completed this album for a friend and her second baby boy. her first son adores my son, and my daughter adores him! {she was fortunate enough to be followed by 2 little boys whom she pretty much smothered with her hugs and love.}

i cannot repeat enough how much i adore the onesie transparency from Hambly. totally adorable.


this is another of my favourite pages. completely simple. sometimes when you have great paper, you just have to show it off.

thankfully the album was completed before he turned one. i finished another baby album as well. i think i am going to have to either work on an album template or just work faster! there are more albums for more babies. if i could complete 2 more this month, then i will be caught up. temporarily.

Jody is offering a baby album class at Urban in a few weeks. the cool part is that you can choose either a boy or girl theme. how perfect is that?

i learned a cool tip from a customer at Urban a few weeks ago. she really likes to journal on her album pages. but she - like the rest of us! - forgets details once she is able to start on the page. lots of the manufacturers make these cool little coiled notepads to accompany their lines. she takes them with her - especially on family holidays - and jots down her journaling from the day. when she is working on the page she will just rip it out and add it at that time. the little details don't get forgotten and they don't need to be rewritten because they are already on cute paper! wish i had thought of that.


  1. Your work is really gorgeous Roxanne! The mini album rocks! Your friend must be very happy! Love your digital layout about your husband too! Really cool! :)

  2. Thank you! I'm looking forward to seeing it after she adds her photos. Always fun!
    The page for the digi layout was a pre-made template by Wilna Furstenburg....made it sooo super easy!


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