Monday, 12 April 2010

need inspiration?

let me help!

we had a busy, busy weekend. lots of visiting and driving. fun times.

in the week leading up to the weekend i also spent A LOT of time in my scrapbook room creating messes. i will download and share photos later this week. sadly (or maybe not so sadly!) all the projects were given away. there was a baby album. there was also an assortment of cards. i am happy to report that they were appreciated by the recipients. phew!

after a long time spent "thinking" of ideas, i am in need of time spent being inspired by others' ideas.

i will share one link today. it will keep you busy for a good while! i hope that you have not been peeking in on it too regularly....

go to GCD STUDIO blog. here.

oh wow. oh wow. oh wow.

these paper flowers are on my "to do" list now.

as well as this framed heart.

i had also forgotten about trying to add brown glaze to my mod podge. i don't have brown glaze. however i have other brown stuff to experiment with. this reminded me to try. it also reminded me to think outside the box in another way. as well as to make a spring banner for our house! look at this post and check out the possibilities.

or the misting technique here.

how about this birdhouse. check out the roof!

seriously. this is only two weeks worth of posts. not even. maybe i'm not as far behind on my blog inspiration reading as i thought?

and my thanks to the hardworking gals at GCD.

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