Saturday, 15 May 2010

butterflies...just a couple

i taught my "enjoy the good things in life" {april layout of the year in review} for the second time last night. the majority of the class i had never met before - that's always fun. a few of the girls came back for more, so it was great to reconnect again.

it was one of those messy layouts. everything but glitter! {until one of the girls brought out her newly purchased glitter! but that is a story for another day. very fun stuff!!}

they spritzed away with some glimmer mists. ripped papers. mod podged a few items. then they painted. inked. and painted some more!

needless to say it had them bouncing in and out of their seats and got them mingling. lots of laughs and stories.

one of my students sported the most awesome tote with.....TIM HOLTZ' signature!! {Heidi Swapp was also there....but you dear blog reader knows my love for all things Timmy}sweet!

the next layout of the month is up and open for registration.

Make Life Beautiful

since May hosted Mothers' Day, it is all about the feminine touches. like flowers. butterflies. LOTS of butterflies! very girly.


butterfly embellishments are all the rage right now. big. little. simple. extravagant.


that flower will be one that the class will learn to create. there are 3 parts to that one. it is my new favourite technique. ok, i'm lying. ONE of my new favourite techniques!


these flowers will also be taught. i promise that you will be addicted to these now too.

my friend, Lynette taught me how to do one of them. she also gave me the tip for adding some of the cream colour. i have to say that i love how the Urban Girls really work as a team. ideas and tips get shared with each other. it also sometimes results in some amazing new ideas. which in turn get shared again! is it wrong that we have so much fun at work?! i've always loved to be in the store and hear the giggling over a product or technique. even if you are across the store from the "action", the laughter is infectious enough that you just have to hear what the excitement was about! {to set the record straight....we do have lives outside of paper and glue too. ha! sometimes the laughter is about some funny moment in our lives.}


and here are both pages together. {this is part of my wedding china off to the left. the set that only gets used once a year if we're lucky. i just realized a few weeks ago that it is called Tiara. which is interesting because i have only one daughter named...Kiara. hmmm....}

Aidan was thrilled that i used the red and cream roses as part of the photo set. (top right corner) those were part of my Mother's Day gift from Kris and the kids.


i love that photo of us. i think it also tells the story of what our life is like at this point in our lives. we were trying to get a photo of just the 2 of us. Kris had the camera in his hand and randomly snapped away! {one of his many talents}. we had no idea that Aidan was running in the background. i could have totally cropped or cloned him out of the photo....but i think he really adds to the story behind the photo.

there will be a bit of picky cutting. not much. just enough! isn't that paper amazing? Websters' Pages has some fun stuff. a few years ago they had the most gorgeous winter line....when it came to using it i could not decide which side to use. so i used both! {the papers were all sold out by the time i got around to using it!} however, the cardstock is heavy enough to support something zany like that.


the detail in their papers! incredible.

they also have the most classy and adorable baby line too. in my opinion, they are neutral enough to work for either boy or girl. don't tell my sister in law that i am excited to use it for their baby. it is a surprise!


  1. Roxanne, I need you to teach me how to do all that messy stuff! Your layouts are so fantastic!
    I also need to bribe Pat (are you reading Pat???) to schedule us to work a shift together soon!!!!!

  2. Thanks, Roslyn!
    YOU are the one who got me out of my comfort zone and started me on the messy stuff!! :)


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