Tuesday, 11 May 2010

let's start here

not that long ago, i posted this.

here is my final result.


and now i do believe i am fully addicted to these trays! they come in white. they also come with 16 window frames. ATC (2"x3") size. also in white. AND they have some really neat printer trays that have every variety of window!


a little Tim Holtz.

i also spritzed the tissue flower with my new Vanilla Shimmer SmoochSpritz. love, love, love that one.


seriously, the mini key locks and keys are a must have. they have the teeniest brads in them. which also look like screws! the best part is that they don't really match.

{reminds me of our old house. whenever Kristian had to remove anything...light, door, switch plate...he had to have at least 3 screwdrivers with him. quite often one single hinge would have 2 different types of screws in it. of course this totally makes sense if you are buying used parts, or salvaging old bits. BUT, this even happened on brand new items that the previous owner added. totally bizarre.}

and to further accentuate the little tree with heart leaves...some real branches.


little flower cluster. the cream felt flower did not fit my last layout, but i loved how it made itself at home here. by the way, i found an awesome tutorial here on how to make these! {thank you Nancy!!}


this little frame is kind of my "code frame". a few classic words and symbols that partially describe me.

i have always loved to sew. even thought of becoming a pro seamstress or fashion designer at one time. somehow growing up in the middle of nowhere did not really give me a true idea of what fashion really was! haha!! anyways i found i often found hobbies that included needle, thread and fabric. now you have some idea of my enthusiasm that scrapbooking now involves some bits of sewing!

i realize that photography has always been important to me. especially now when i try to capture special moments in our family. i have photos where i posed some of my possessions...and even included the willing barn cat.

joy is something that we hold on to in our family. finding a reason to laugh. remembering to smile.

faith. a necessity for us. can't do without it. it is our anchor.

hope. sigh. too long of a story to explain this one. it also speaks to me the importance of taking life one step at a time. sometimes we simply need to keep moving, even if it is a small step at a time.

love. always. it is the greatest. the strongest. necessary.


i was totally inspired by the pinned hearts i saw here at 2Peas. those pins are Making Memories. vintage. i was soooo glad i bought that package!

so this was the idea and sample for Arlene and Nicole. i'll share their work next. i loved how Nicole used her vintage pin to hold the initials of her boys. i wish i could take Arlenes' photo strip and make mine to match hers. given the lack of pre-thought and prep i gave them, they did a totally amazing job. hmmm...guess i can slack off on them, eh?! haha! at the same time, it was fun to finish mine while they pieced theirs together.

i had thought about using Little Yellow Bicycle new line Fresh Print Clothesline because i loved the details in the papers, like the measuring tape and ledgers. i also pulled out some of the Websters home sweet home papers. loved them. then i started to really look at the brand new My Mind's Eye that just arrived. the previous line was really bright, but the recent colours are subdued and very neutral. i started with the "family ties" journal tag. then i fell in love with the "forever with you" paper. can't believe the "never enough" diecut paper also worked. i had 2 paper sheets and a journal tag. stop shopping and buy it! so i did.

however, i would love to try this tray with some vintage kind of paper and embellishments. then again, there is the cute rainbow collection of flowers idea too.....touch choices! love it!!


  1. Oh wow heart pounding far to hard!! AMAZING. I dont see a single thing i do not like. and I love the lil butterflies with the clip and heart with the pin!!!

  2. Roxanne, this is beautiful! I've had my tray sitting on a shelf with everything I want to use laying on top of it. I keep changing my mind what paper to use! This motivates me to finish it!

  3. Thank you Sarah and Jan!
    It was the fastest and least thought out project I've done. Perhaps a lesson to be learned?!
    I have a few things I HAVE to get done around here. My reward is to make another 7Gypsies photo tray! They are soooo much fun. And actually a really good project for a newbie too.


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