Sunday, 2 May 2010

putting my feet up

all morning i found myself checking my watch repeatedly.

Aidan kept asking me about the time too.

i couldn't wait to get to work. Aidan couldn't wait to get to his "best buddies'" birthday party.

Saturday we both bounced into our destinations with silly grins on our faces. my smile was still evident on my face a few hours later. as Heather's pic indicate! she is a smart one and took millions of photos yesterday. go to her blog to check out some of the fun we had yesterday.

it was a really fun weekend for everyone. Jan made a "ta-ta trophy. go here to view it. and it must be viewed! totally fun. when each crop participant finished a project they would shout "ta-ta" and then display the trophy at their spot. every once in awhile one of the staff would surprise them with a shout of "who has the ta-ta's?" at that point whoever had them won a grab bag. they weekend started on Friday afternoon/evening and just finished this afternoon (Sunday). they got to crop until midnight on Friday and Saturday. food was provided. yummy food made in Lori's kitchen.


i snapped a photo before everyone arrived this Sunday morning. you can see the ta-ta trophy draped over the organizer bag in the front table.

on my way home i was kicking myself for not taking a photo of the layouts that were entered for a prize. i cannot wait to see who won. i have no idea how Lori and Pat will ever make the decision. one category is for using the special "pink" kits to create a layout, card or project. {and it is amazing how different they look with each of their personal style and take on the components.} the other category was for layouts that they made during the weekend. incredible. they are a very talented group. very. i hope they realize how amazing they each are.

i learned that some of the ladies like to purchase the monthly design kits and copy what the design team made. surprisingly, i had no idea that this was happening. i know, i'm slow! it is a huge compliment to each of us when our layout is one chosen to be lifted. and even more so when we are there to witness it. i'm still getting used to that. however, i do love to share techniques i used on the layouts when scrapbookers are interested.

a couple of the girls made these amazing projects from the 7gypsies tray frames. watching them piece them together made me want to create my own even more! i'll post them this week. they did a great job. i was disappointed {maybe a bit less than them} that they wouldn't qualify for the design contest. however, we all totally understood that you can't really judge a 3D layout like that against a page or card. that is one way to make a tough job even tougher. seriously, i really don't know how they will ever decide!


these are my buddies from today. Lynette is on the left and we often work together for the Friday crop nights. Lori is one of the owners and cook/baker extraordinaire. {Heather posted a few more of the staff on her blog.} i feel blessed...lucky...thrilled to be a part of this team. amazing women. today i worked later than i was supposed to because i lost track of time. ha! crazy. the day went by so quickly.

now i REALLY have to get to my layouts. the weekend was inspiring.

did you visit Jan's blog yet to enter her giveaway? today is the last day!

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