Friday, 30 April 2010

something for the family album

i took some time to do a few very simple layouts. for me this is simple. very little layering. simple and quick cuts.


i love the colours here. i don't think they are typical colours for me either. 

most important is the photo. it was not taken by me. nor Kristian. it was taken by Aidan. his own camera. using the timer. he set up the photo himself. in all honesty i don't think i could have gotten this adorable photo if i had tried. in case you don't know him, Aidan is five years old. he took this photo in January or February this year. {he will not turn six until October.}


Making Memories Vintage Findings. Prima. Maya Road library pocket and card. Jenni Bowlin letter stickers. Martha Stewart punch on the green paper and EKSuccess on the dotted. by the way, EKSuccess also makes the Martha Stewart punches. i also learned that they make the Stampin'Up! punches too. smart company.


i did change the photo in photoshop elements. i just added a glaze. coffee with cream or hot chocolate i think.

with the big scrapbooking event taking place this weekend and me working...i made sure to stop in at Urban to do some shopping. as always i end up finding more stuff when i work, but don't always end up with the stuff i intended to buy. they got in these new scissors from Martha Stewart. i had the kids with me, so i asked them what they thought it was. they figured it was at least 4 scissors and thought it would be a good thing for "us" to buy. ha! they are really fun.

Aidan and Kiara both brought their scrapbook albums to the store with us. they were so cute and proud showing off their hard work to the girls. thank you Jan, Pat and Lynette for humouring the kids. they were beaming. thank you also for putting up with their other embarrassing behaviour too! i've had to take them on other shopping trips this week and it was tortuous for ALL of us. there must have been something else that fell from the sky with the rain, because they are normally much quieter and more well behaved.

they just received the brand new Basic Grey Basic line. it is amazing. of course i never made it past the paper and completely forgot to check out the letter stickers and such. want to win a pack? go visit my friend, Jan's blog In My Own Imagination, and leave a comment to enter. she is making the draw on Sunday!

i am SO EXCITED to go back to Urban tomorrow. i have a few short shifts this weekend and have been on cloud nine over it. come visit the store. lots of amazing stuff in store. get 20 to 50 percent off your purchase. we have a fun draw that you do when you make your purchase. just make sure that you get all your items before you make the draw! they also built a special photo wall. for a $1 donation to the Canadian Breast Cancer foundation you can get a photo of just you, or with some friends. they are the cutest frames! National Scrapbooking Weekend. Breast Cancer Fundraiser with a silent auction. cupcakes to celebrate the 5th anniversary of Urban Scrapbook. tomorrow afternoon they have a 2 hour session of a make and take. read all the details here.

i am also in the middle of planning out my next layout class. it is always a bit of a nail biter as i get started with them. at the same time it is a huge blast. i make sure to take a lot of time to just play with various techniques and ideas. that is the fun part. it helps that i always have had amazing products to play with. in this case i hope to be done my "playing" with techniques soon and be ready to dive into the actual project. another "exercise" that helps me is to make a few non-class layouts. just play around with a few of the ideas and see it on a layout to determine if i like the effect. since my workspace is almost as well stocked as a store, this is not difficult! it also relaxes me to do this and lessens the pressure i put on myself. in the end i've learned something new. felt renewed. have some more pages for the family album to show for it. as well as a layout that gets positive feedback from the store. that is when i sigh and start the prep for the teaching part! those who know me, also know that i love this hobby to the depth of my heart and soul.

with that said, come and get inspired this weekend at Urban Scrapbook. they are open on Sunday too this weekend. be sure to say hi!

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