Monday, 21 June 2010


there just never seems to be enough of it.

the time we do have goes by far too quickly with the kids growing.

yet, how can it creep by some days?

for me the days go by much quicker than they did when the kids were super duper dependent. they have now been replaced by the days when they are whiny communicators! those days drag on. and bedtime never seems to come soon enough.

despite our challenges, i love to relive our memories through photos. and scrapbook pages. even the odd mini album i've managed to produce. we have had some awesome times together. for now, those are the moments i want to remember.

it got me thinking.

if only the happy and fun times could drag on forever in a day.

if only.

i finished my layout for our store design team last week. there is a new company called 'Echo Park'. they released their first line of paper products recently. when i first saw them i couldn't figure out why they looked familiar. then i realized i had seen them as a digital package! my friend, Heather, is now doing digital pages. she also recently was added to the Jessica Sprague design team!!! this was how it came about she posted the whole package on her blog. crazy! the really funny thing is the trend for "paper" companies to add some digital files of their products. i find it really interesting that this came out as digital initially. or perhaps it was simultaneously and i was just slow to catch on?!

here is mine.


we are given papers and other embellishments in our kit. we are also given a word to include. sometimes there is an additional challenge. this month we had to use the word 'time' and use a paperclip. it had me stumped.

i tried to take some fun and bright photos of the kids. did not work. so i went looking through the albums. i had totally forgotten about these photos. they never made it on to a layout. it was the colours in Kiara's outfit that drew me in. so off i went. no photoshop. pre-printed 4x6.

thankfully i didn't ruin any of my supplies this month. well, that isn't totally true. nothing got ruined to the point of being un usable!


no fancy cutting that i've grown to love. just paper punches. but i added stitches. i have not done that in a long while. the stencil we were given had some circles that looked like stitches. so did some of the paper.  then the bubbles appeared. i would say i had spent 75% of my time unsure of where this layout was going. then it suddenly clicked. i was getting worried that i would never reach that point!


i have to say that the challenges are great. they are not anything i would have come up with on my own. they have been exactly that: challenges. it's good to get out of the box.

i came across the Echo Park Facebook page and decided to enter my layout. only to learn hours later that my name was chosen! my prize is a package of their next paper line, "A Walk In The Park". it was quite a happy surprise. {which i then posted as my FB status....which got everyone thinking my state had to do with an announcement and baby powder....which put me in quite the state of shock and fear!}


  1. Beautiful layout, Roxanne! Congrats on winning the Echo Park challenge!

  2. Thank you! It was quite the surprise!!
    We'll have to chat, it has been far too long and we have far too much to catch up on!


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