Friday, 18 June 2010

too cute!

i just finished downloading photos off of Aidan's camera.

did i mention that he is 5 1/2 years old? he certainly has some photography talent.

i had forgotten that he had taken this:


some scrap-booking talent too. i love that he also added in his sisters' rings as an accessory to his layout photo! when i take photos of class projects i add in some props too, so i think he had to try his own. not sure why he chose rings....maybe that was Kiara's idea?!


both of my kids now have albums to hold their own layouts. sometimes i forget what projects they have created. the photo in the layout is one that Aidan took himself. but the little photo is one of mine. i have a decent size stack of unused photos that i pass on to the kids to use. it's really handy for Kiara who does not take her own photos. yet!

i love that Aidan ripped a page out of his journal to give a title. he used his best printing. he also spelled it on his own. pretty soon he will have some of his own journaling to add a story as well. that will be an exciting day. pass me the kleenex!

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