Monday, 22 November 2010

gearing up

if the calendar was not convincing enough that winter is here...then the weather is making it completely apparent! very cold walks to and from school these days. i have heard predictions that it will be a harsh winter. one of those predictions you always hope is wrong....

we are all starting to feel more comfortable in the new space Urban Scrapbook is at. have you come to check it out yet? i don't know how Lori and Pat do it. they have already had Christmas decorations up for a few weeks already!

there are a lot of classes scheduled and we are making great use of our new classroom. i love it!

i still have some spaces available in my Winter Layout class this Friday night. aside from the beautiful papers, come and try some new techniques to make your winter layouts look even colder! (something has to compete with the weather outside!)


this Stocking Garland class is still a few weeks away. there are also a few spots left.


if those aren't your style, check out some of the other classes posted. we have a lot of inspiration to share with you!

i'm going to keep you hanging on this one...but here is a sneak peak of my next class. it screams Christmas!


we each have our favourite Christmas papers and embellishments this year. i'm still amazed at the variety this year. as for myself...i am one of the worst decision makers. i can't even pick my top fave! but i can give you my top five. or ten.

next i need to work on Christmas cards. i took our family photo on the weekend. i also got an early Christmas gift. a fantastic tripod. it sure helps when you need to use the timer. next year we need to either get a mirror to see how we look, or take the easy route and hire a photographer. the one benefit of doing it this way is that we are definitely natural. or maybe that is a drawback?!

if you live nearby, stay warm!
if you live far away, i hope you have higher temperatures than us right now!

thanks for checking in on me.

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