Wednesday, 23 February 2011

moving right along

i'm not sure how many other people are thinking this right now.....but i could not be more glad to say good-bye to February!!

usually i LOVE this month. lots of fun ways to make a dull winter day more exciting. hearts in sandwiches. hearts in pancakes.

we started out great. i even made some home made yummy cinnamon buns at the beginning of the month.

then Kristian was away for a week. the same week i started to come down with the same annoying winter cold everyone else had. that was one way to slow things down! one night i started to fall asleep while Aidan was doing his evening home reading. crazy?!

i think the kicker was having to take care of {and clean up after} our darling boy got sick in the very early hours of Valentines day. blecccchhhh! fingers crossed, we are all feeling better. it has been such a rough winter that i've lost track of who has had what bug, and where it may end up moving next. ridiculous!!!!

for the last week i have been EXTREMELY diligent at making sure the kids are getting daily vitamins. we've also started to make fruit smoothies every day. the kids have had fun picking which fruits to try. it was recommended to add coconut milk. so that's what we've been doing. especially with pineapple and banana.....reminds me of the drinks we used to drink on the beach holidays we took before the kids were part of our life.

soooo, improving eating habits and choosing to be more optimistic will have to be good to our immune systems. right?!

needless to say, my crafting room has not been as busy in the past few weeks. not how i like it!

on Family Day became a family project to help mommy put her class kits together.


and i very much appreciated the extra help i got. i would say that they cut my time down significantly. Aidan and Kiara do love to help me "scrapbook" whenever they get the opportunity. which is great! but sometimes their help is just a bit too much work for the amount of time we have. know what i mean?!

now i just have a few things to add, but the bulk of the work is done. feels great!

it gave me more time to work on the next class layout. this has been "in progress" for the longest time of any of the layouts this year. if i'm trying a new technique, i like to play around and see how many things i can do with it. this was definitely fun. but slow!! sometimes i would invest a couple of hours into one use of the technique...only to have it not work as i had wanted. it's never a loss. better to have one scrapbooker lose time...than for all of us! right! haha!!

the technique for next month is MASKING.


i'll post the full layout on the weekend. it will be available to see in person at Urban on Saturday afternoon.

this will be one of those layouts that will mean the students get to play a bit and be creative. i'll see if i can find the site where i found the vintage action i used on my photos. if i do, then i will post it with the full photos of the next layout.

if you are in my Thursday or Saturday will get to see the layout. it should be on display at the store by mid-day on Saturday for those of you who happen to be curious.

do you think it will be possible that 95% of the snow will have melted by the end of next month?

i'll take snow and cold over earthquakes and floods....but i think the entire world population would agree that some predictable weather would be fully appreciated!!

one more thing....


check out this cute headband Jody made! Kiara has been known to be fussy about her hair. i try to put pony tails and such in it to keep the hair out of her face. this headband is super comfy and has not "hurt her brain" as she sometimes says about her pony tails. ha! life is sooo rough when you're four.

anyways....check THIS out. she made a few to sell at a local craft/swap. the ruffled elastics coordinate with the flowers!! would they not be perfect for a special family photo...or in a flower girls hair at a wedding. she made a cute one with buttons and feathers.

while you are on her page, don't miss the baby boy album and girl layout. she is also selling kits for them...which is a nice way to customize things a bit for yourself. i had a chance to take a peak at the inside of the album. ADORABLE!!

okay, off to complete the instructions for March, while i can still remember what i did! and then to at least put the order of creating into something that will work! ha! wish me luck!!

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