Friday, 11 February 2011

slow week

i've been doing the single parent thing since early Sunday afternoon this week. fortunately it will come to an end today!

early in the week i was completely exhausted, but could not shut off my mind! i also had the itch to do some scrapbooking. but no clarity of thinking {probably due to my sleepy state} to really focus. this is one of my more simple layouts than i've done in a long time. i cannot remember the last time i made one that did not require close up photos! i'm okay with that.


i really loved the school line BoBunny brought out last fall. i finally used some of it. i'm not sure if the red paper was the best choice for this photo. the funny part is i somehow managed to turn the paper when i started to adhere my elements. yup. this was one of those times when i really WANTED to do something unique and different. but my mind refused to cooperate with my heart!

scrapbooking is really about the photo. and this is one very cute photo! i'm still in disbelief that he is nearly finished his first year of school. next year both of my babies will be at the "big school" {as Kiara describes it}.

everyday that i've been able to spend on the computer looking for inspiration i see more stuff from CHA that i had forgotten about and loved. i think i left October Afternoon out of the list entirely!! i thought this was an interesting post from Scrapbook Update. Nancy listed her top ten picks.

and now, more than ever, i want to play with one or two or three of the configuration boxes. Laura Denison made some that were out of this world! one was made into something that resembled and old sewing box and another like an old clock. 7Gypsies Photo trays also left me inspired. they connected several of them together for a unique display.

life may never always be 'top-of-the-world-exciting' but it is never boring.

now to see about doing something for valentines day.....

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  1. Wowwwwwwww what a beautiful Layout. I love the idea of the dictionary pages.


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