Tuesday, 29 March 2011

just making lemonade..

i can sometimes get pretty disorganized and lose track of time. however, that is not MY comfort zone! in fact it really agitates me. i prefer life when it goes "according to plan". i would suspect that makes 99% of us! of all the "unplanned" things that could happen, this one was mild. but extremely frustrating!

i have a great system for preparing for my classes. works like clockwork. most of the time. ha!

this month i had some HUGE computer issues and have been without my iMac for nearly two weeks. painful!

the big problem is that it decided to do this at the busiest part of my month. i had a class to prepare to teach and another to design. and NO access to my photos. it also meant no updates on my blog either. i like to have pictures in my posts.

not. my. plan. i'm sure you can relate.

so. here we go.

this next class has taught me a lot. i'm really glad i had a chance to play around and do some experimenting.

here is one of my "testing" layouts.....


it is not the next class layout. however most of the techniques used here will be taught in my next class.

this is the first time in a very, very, very long time that i made a layout without using patterned paper. (i don't include dictionary paper as patterned!)

that truck is OLD! and that little boy is my sweet Aidan at 2 1/2 years old. i think i shared that photo before. when the truck was sold a few years ago, it was still running. it was built back when things worked well for longer than 5 years.


i used some of the techniques and inspiration i learned at our local retailers craft show for this layout. often i think i hold back and try to be safe. this time i was braver. those metal tags had been in my drawer for awhile...but they were bright white. i much prefer this appearance over the white.

i don't have photos of the actual class layout. not even a sneak peak! i will soon. i think it will be a challenge to teach, but it will also be a lot of fun at the same time. i am very excited to share the techniques and see what the class comes up with. i am always blown away by their work. there are always a few people who "make a mistake" and end up with a really cool alteration on their layouts. alterations that leave me wishing i had thought of that in the first place!! not all the alterations are due to mistakes, either. i have amazing students.

as i was without my usual files...i have been browsing some new blogs and websites. not new sites, just new to me. it has been very fun and inspiring. now that my desk is almost cleared off i may finish the project i started for Kiara. i'm in the middle of working on a fairy box for her bedroom decor. i was totally inspired by one that Laura Denison made. i don't have the adorable additions she had for hers....but i think mine will still turn out okay. as long as Miss Kiara likes it....all will be well!

one more thing. if you have seen "Spring", can you tell it that we are missing its presence here. although if "Spring" is not willing to visit or stay....."Summer" is more than welcome to hang out for a very long visit. "Winter" has overstayed, has been far to dominant and we're ready for it to pack its bags. thank you.

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