Thursday, 17 March 2011


it has been so fun to read about the weekend from other perspectives....

like Tim. it's so sad to hear that he won't be planning to move to Edmonton anytime soon. the cold weather and snow did not give him a good impression! ha!! i know if i lived where he would be doubtful if i would move too. sunshine and warm air would be a tough thing to give up.

and sweet Margie. oh that girl is awesome. also not a contender for moving to Edmonton. after hearing her share life in Utah and learning that they actually see all four wonder!

funny Julie and Lindsay. Lindsay could not understand why no one would believe he was another Gretzky. i did try to explain that he didn't have the 'nose' for it.... maybe if just one person believe his tale he would have packed his bags and moved in?

i was barely back on my feet again....and got some more pretty AMAZING news!!

last May i designed a 7Gypsies photo tray as a sample for my sister-in-law and her friend to copy. i only wish that all my projects came together so easily and quickly. after it was finished i thought it might look nice for a display at Urban Scrapbook. there it stayed. only hung on my wall for a few days.

i submitted it to Simply Handmade because it fit one of their calls.

then the store moved around the corner and i brought the tray home. it was nearly winter and since the tray is more of a spring was time. it went back on my wall.

and then i got an amazing e-mail asking me to courier it to Simply Handmade ASAP. i have not seen it since. i also had no guarantee that it would even be in the magazine. just because publishing is like that. not that i know firsthand.


it gets better.


say what?!!!

no one told me it would be the cover of the magazine!!!!

okay. i'm back on Cloud Nine. since life is pretty perfect and comfortable up here...might take me a long time to come back down. i will apologize in advance.

breathe. breathe. breathe.

okay. better. back to myself.

i really love how they chose to set the background for the project. think maybe they will send that to me...along with my photo tray?! i think i will get a complimentary copy of the magazine...better check on that....


  1. Congrats Roxanne! You did an awesome job on your tray! What does your family think of being on the front cover of a magazine?!!

  2. Roxanne!!That's so amazing!!!Your work desreves to be on the cover! Definately cloud nine! Great job!!!

  3. I just went and bought Simply handmade, its so awesome that you also have a 4 page spread inside too! Congrarulations, it looks amazing!!! Better in real life!!!


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