Tuesday, 1 March 2011


i was in shock when i saw the temperature this morning. first day of March and the thermometer was below -30 C. nearly -50 C with the windchill. isn't April Fools' Day in April?! if March is coming in like a lion....i sure hope it leaves like a lamb.

on to happier topics....

get out those old or vintage photos for this next class!

the technique featured this month is RESIST or masking. there are a few different ways to achieve this look. in this class you will have a chance to play with a few methods.


there is a lot of detail this month as well. i think it will be a great layout to add details that mean something to each student. which is really cool to think that each layout will truly be unique!! even the title can be customized to suit the photos chosen.


these happen to be photos of the farm where i lived until i was 18. the property was sold a few years ago to my cousin. last i saw, the old red barn was still standing. it had started to lean and will definitely be in need of some foundation repairs. it is a landmark so i hope my cousin will have the desire to keep it standing and safe. it housed many newborn farm animals, as well as many litters of barn cats!


those old gas pumps were in use the last i heard. we used to pretend to fill our bikes with the old hoses. there used to be a third pump...not sure what happened to it. as kids i recall one of them being empty, so we used to lift the hose as well. although it took at least 2 of us!

i have not been so fortunate to have any old family photos in my possession. i'm not sure how many there ever were of the older generations. i only recall seeing a handful of photos from my dad when he was younger.

these were photos i took just before and just after my cousin took ownership. which means they are actually only a few years old! i love PhotoShop for being able to age photos like this. i think that this action is the one i used to alter my photos. the Pioneer Woman also has some fabulous actions for creating vintage looking photos too. sometimes i stumble upon a great action just by a Google search...{as i did this time! it was several months ago that i downloaded it, but hadn't had the right photo to use it on until now. it is perfect for landscapes and still life, but not great for faces of people.}

okay, on to some details....


this is one of my favourite parts.




another close up of an area where we will use a couple of resist techniques. doesn't it look like leather?!


also this. i love this quote by Tolkien, and it is just perfect here.

"The greatest adventure is what lies ahead.
Today and tomorrow are yet to be said.
The chances, the changes are all yours to make.
The mold of your life is in your hands to break."

{here are some other quotes from Tolkien as well}



an up close look at one of the resist techniques. another detail that the students can personalize.


as i worked on this layout, i found that i couldn't just keep a single focus on one technique. there are a few techniques that just begged to be added. they aren't hugely time consuming...but i think an added bonus to the layout.

i warned my group of regulars that we will get a bit messy! good messes!! ha!

this layout is just getting introduced today....and i'm already thinking ahead to April. i love the vintage look of this layout, the glittery shine of the previous month and the clean simplicity of the first. i had to laugh when i realized that i used a couple of the same products 2 months in a row. {that has never happened to me!} however it is just one of those products that could certainly be taught again, in a different twist and still see a new use for it! it is always a delight to find a tool or product that can be used more than one way. so i have a few ideas up my sleeves. i'll move away from this particular product next month and turn my attention to a new one! how much messier could i possibly get?!

the new arrivals of brand new products have been arriving. many of the ones i've been anxiously waiting for {along with the best company of scrapbookers!} are soon to be coming through the doors at Urban. i was so excited to the Prima trinkets and birdcage arrive already!!! i'm going to use mine in a configuration box for my daughter. all the supplies are out...just need to get going on that project.


  1. Just saw the layout at Urban...."WOW". I am so excited to take this class!

  2. Stunning!! very interest class you propose.


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