Tuesday, 8 March 2011

ticket to ride

i finally pulled out the Pink Paislee Parisian Anthology papers this week. so so so fun!!!

i decided to match them with the newest Bo Bunny. Gabrielle.

and i couldn't help but laugh at myself. until just over a year ago i had not ever bought a single Bo Bunny anything. now it seems like every other layout is Bo Bunny. you will not hear a single complaint from me about it!

i started with this - architectural arch

hand cut the butterflies from this paper.


it is really hard to tell, but i used a number of different inks on the background paper. i was completely amazed at how perfectly the ink blending tool worked for this project.

sure, i love the tool for edging. but i hadn't really tried it on a large paper area. this is where the non-stick mat is very helpful too. i would love to have an extra large size mat....but then i wonder about cleaning it. right now i just take it to my sink when it gets too dirty. {soap and water is the quickest and best clean}


it was totally worth the time it took to cut out the butterflies. i loved being able to work them around my layout, instead of making my layout work around them.


i did not think through my title very well. in the end i decided to keep it super tiny! and used the word on the ticket strip.

i had a lot of fun adding in little accents here and there.

my favourite part is actually very hidden. i used a plastic forest green buckle from the Making Memories Christmas product. i tried to dull the green by adding some alcohol inks. i tried caramel and butterscotch. didn't change it as i hoped. then i tried stonewashed (blue). still not what i was going for. on a whim i tried the copper mixative. still not what i had intended...but i loved the appearance of it.

as you can probably guess, i had a lot of fun putting the elements together.

i have finally gotten the ink off of my hands too!

i've been "the" parent for a few days. i am sooo tired by the end of the day! i'm hoping for another easy supper tonight and then more messing around in my craft room. i have some flower techniques i'm working on. fun fun fun!!

as well i am just so crazy excited for the weekend....squeal!!!! {yes, don't remind me it is still over 3 days until the weekend!}

i've been happy to have had my mind taken off the extra long winter weather we've been having. i should stop by the Muttart Conservatory with (or without) the kids one day. i took them there just once a few years ago....and wondered why we didn't go regularly. during the week it is fairly quiet and it is definitely like a mini-vacation. not to mention a fun place to capture photos of flowers and plants. without mittens and other heavy winter gear.


  1. Beautiful layout. I think the butterflies look better cut out like that than the did on the paper. I understand the tiredness:) That is why I'm counting down the days to the weekend, I signed up for the crop. Can't wait. What are you crazy excited for this weekend? Could it be the samething?

  2. Totally awesome your layout!


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