Thursday, 30 June 2011

school is now over....

and that means the teacher gift making and appreciation stuff is also done.

for a few months!


this was a gift Aidan gave his music teacher. later i did find some music paper i could have used. however, this was done in the eleventh hour and all i could do was copy another project i made last year. no time to think and get super creative!


the Simple Stories Elementary papers were perfect for the teacher stuff. this is also the pen i made for last years' gifts. it was never given.


amazing what kinds off things can get made when time has run out. these little journaling cards were perfect for cards. i cut out a double set, and folded it. plain for writing in the middle, and fancy on the front and back. looked like i even planned it that way!

i made 2 of these. the one above was included in the notebook for the assistant in Aidan's room. again, the project from last year. i'm glad it worked out!

another happy ending. it was a treat to have Aidans' teachers thank me for the gift. i was thrilled that his teacher loved her was one of those one-of-a-kind gifts you make for someone whom you will trust appreciates it. and will actually use it! she is also a scrapbooker. it was a delight to learn that the educational assistant in his room also scrapbooked. actually i had a few people approach me about the projects i made. turns out there are a good number of parents who also scrapbook. yes, living in the burbs....we have our own crew of urban scrapbookers....hmmmm.....

and speaking of Urban Scrapbook......


here is a little sneak peak of my next double page layout.

think there are any flowers on this one?

i'll share the rest of it on my blog sometime next week. however it is at the store....and the store is open for a few hours on Canada Day for us die-hard scrapbookers. sigh. yes. we all know who we are!!

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