Wednesday, 8 June 2011

second glimpse of the third teacher gift....

Kiara is still making flowers. crazy like her momma!! {wink} we were at Costco yesterday and i realized that i spent more on the kit than i said. it was more like $11.99. oops! still worth that price tag. the only problem is that i think i will have to buy her more stems to use as flowers.

here are a few more photos of the teacher gift i posted earlier. {last post}


by luck Urban had these cool Yale Keys when i worked on Saturday. as what often happens, one of the customers purchased a few and immediately i knew it would be perfect for this project. {between staff and customers we tend to enable one another quite perfectly to keep buying more stuff!} it has that same feel as the doorknob plate from Graphic45.



the back cover. i tried to keep it simpler than the front. part of me wanted to leave it blank...but i couldn't do it!


and the other side view, with the back cover on top.


one way to display this album, i decided after seeing it this way.

Aidan wanted to take it to school right away. but i want to display it at home for just a bit longer....since it has to go anyway.

plans for on the next tag for the tag swap. i am thinking of using the same tag to work into a card for Fathers' Day. i hate to admit this....but last year i totally forgot to make one. until the night before. the first time i ever forgot to do something. can't make that mistake twice. especially twice in a row.

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