Wednesday, 13 July 2011

waiting for the sun

it is still grey and cloudy. i could take the time to take good photos....but don't want to take the time for that right now! this is one of the best photos i was able to get this week. it also happens to be one of my favourite corners in this fairy box.


Kiara loves it. which is what matters. it is already on her wall.

one thing i LOVE about configuration can never fill it with enough stuff! honestly they can handle a lot of dimensional objects without looking crowded or too busy.

if you read an earlier post when i talked about this box, and followed the link to Laura Denisons' would have seen that she took ALL the smaller boxes out of the configuration box and adhered them to the sides. she also created a UStream video where you can watch her put the project together. just set aside a few hours to watch it! even though i we used the same papers and i organized my boxes similar to hers, we went about the project much differently. she also finished hers in a fifth of the time it took me! i am an incredibly slow crafter.

in retrospect....
i would not have taken the time to spray paint the insides of my boxes crisp white. yes. i can't believe i did that either. unless i wanted a specific bright colour or even black would i do that step again.

tissue tape and matte multi-medium are my newest best friends for a project like this.

i am really glad that i took the time to collect little treasures from my stash and around the house. i had them in a little tray on my desk as i worked.

and i think i will spend some time making some layouts for our family albums today. i had planned some outside-the-house activities for the kids. however they are happily playing on their own today....don't' want to disturb that!

as a final note...have you seen some of the products we can look forward to as we approach Christmas? over on the right i have a "blinkie" for The Scrap Review. click on has my favourite {large}photos of all the new stuff. all in one place....over about ten pages of posting. ha! no super-amazing-can't-wait-to-have kinds of tools....but lots of fun stuff for making cards, layouts, gifts, etc.

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