Friday, 2 September 2011

Finding Fall

the temperature in the air says "fall". the leaves will probably soon be echoing that word as well.

we are over half-way complete our Year In Review classes. both groups of ladies i teach are amazing. i feel very fortunate to meet with them each month and be a part of their creative journey.

the first year we kept the album very thematic. for the most part.

this year it has been technique based. sometimes i know ahead of time exactly what technique to do...other times i decide it once the paper and other elements are on my desk...a few times it has been a combination of the two and changes from start to finish!

fall is a fun theme to play on. Jan created the most amazing leaf album last year using a variety of materials and alcohol inks. i am sure it inspired many of us!



this paper is not on shelves yet. it is from We Are Memory Keepers and is called Autumn Splendor. the colours are so rich and the designs are lovely. i'm so glad that my girls will be among the first to use it! to be honest it was difficult to decide which sides of the paper to use. i used every bit of it that i could!


we have a variety of materials. vellum. acrylic. foil. kraft glassine. felt.

of course we can't forget the sparkle and shimmer! 


one of those layouts that will keep me busy slicing leaves with my vagabond. however the class will be less fussy and a great opportunity for playing with the inks. i do believe everyone now has a non-stick mat! this will be put to great use during this class. again!

i discovered that Windex works great at cleaning the non-stick mats. but some of the dried inks - especially the metallic ones - can take more scrubbing to remove. i think i heard it from one of the Tim's demo videos that a great cleaner is hand sanitizer gel. i tried it and it works! sometimes i have to let it sit for a minute, but it comes off with less scrubbing. thought i'd share that tip!

my oldest thoroughly enjoyed his first day of school. i have become a more emotional person since the birth of my kids. even so, i was completely shocked to discover i was fighting back tears most of the morning yesterday! we have one more child to experience her "first day of school". she is nearly vibrating with excitement. today is the day i expected tears from me. we shall see how it goes.

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