Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Santa Claus is coming to town.....

the kids are busy gearing up for their school Holiday concerts. i really do not like the political correctness that surrounds the school system. it doesn't matter what type of school it is...public, separate or private. they all have their own degree and type of "correctness". aren't you glad i host a CRAFTING blog and not a SOAPBOX?! ha! just a bit of a sidetrack.

Aidan's age groups are collectively focussing on songs that relate to the Polar Express. it sounds very cute. he has to dress up in pyjamas as part of the program. his class is singing "Hot Chocolate" and "Believe". as well as a Christmas carol..Here We Go A-Carolling. it is neat that one of his songs, and our next Tag Challenge are the same. more on that when i actually finish that tag! it is next on my list for this afternoon. wish me luck!

Kiara's class is reading a snowman poem and singing about Santa Claus coming to town. and a song about Diwali...sigh. not related to Christmas. oh well. some people will argue that Santa also has no business in Christmas either.... soapbox topic. her preparation for the Santa song has me reminded of the Santa that is gracing the page of my final Year in Review page. how is it that we are back to the end of the year? already! well, i am trying hard not to cry....or pout...

i was surprised at the amount of prep i set myself up for in this next class! my Vagabond (thank goodness for that lovely and speedy machine!!!) and my Cricut were buzzing along as quick as i could move them. feel sorry for me?! heehee. so no complaints when you fold and glue the rosettes, ok?!

i am most humbled by the number of wonderful ladies who trust me each month to come up with a project for them. it is a commitment for them to save the day each month to scrapbook. i love how the first class was very quiet....but has gotten more noisy as the year progressed. friendships made and now we have several sets of "secret jokes". it really is another highlight for me.

i came up with this idea...partly as a thank you...and partly because the year long attenders will have an empty opening and closing page. in January we will have a private class only available to those who subscribed to the Year In Review set of classes.

here is the sneak peak of the layouts.....



ladies, you will see these on Thursday and Saturday. soon!

i can't decide which one i want for my opening page. i am curious to hear the thoughts from the students about which one they will put where.

just remember that you are not signed up automatically. this is not a mandatory private class for you. let me know in class if you want to attend, or call the store to confirm. it is an option. but only an option to the year long attenders. hope that makes sense!

in other news. our beautiful Floral Fantasy Christmas Tree came in second place, and also earned a first place peoples' choice award on one of the days. exciting!

ok. would love to chat some more...but that tag will not get done by itself!

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