Monday, 5 March 2012

for Aidan

last spring i made a fairy configuration box for Kiara's room. not to choose favourites of my kids...but i love, love, loved the Graphic 45 Springtime paper. it is just so Kiara. i had planned to do a configuration when i saw the one Laura Denison had created, i was fully inspired.

i had actually planned to do another box for Aidan. even started to buy some supplies to do it. however it just wasn't his type of style. i discussed this with Aidan and he liked the 7 Gypsy Receipt Tray. he can be a bit of a collector. i figured i would start the base and he can continue to add his own personal touch.

anytime i see a Space or Rocket or Robot themed product, i always think of him. as it happens he loves this stuff and his room has evolved into a space theme as well. less robot now, and more space.

so, nearly a year is now Aidan's turn to have mom's homemade touch in her room.


October Afternoon Rocket Age worked with the tray really well. it was so tough to choose which paper to use. i don't know if Aidan has taken the time to read the funny ads, but i hope he will.


that key was perfect! so glad it was still hanging out in my drawer. i used a few safety pins here, so i may add some more cute trinkets as we come across them.

he loves to do "research" with his Dad. every week Aidan chooses a learning library book that Kristian and he can read together. it is their own special time together. i love the photos in the ads that have a little boy and a grown man...makes me think of the 2 of them. i recently learned that Kristian hosts a research time on many of the days i am working. someone picks a topic and they get on to google and search. i guess one of them wanted to know about babies growing on one of these nights. thank goodness he was able to divert them to another topic while he later chose some specific websites to share with them the next "research" night. i can't image what Google may have pointed them to. it is a more family friendly search site...but still....nothing is perfect!


i thought the "moon shoes" add was hilarious.


i did use some Glossy Accents to keep those rubber embellishments sticking. so far they are great.

the package of Miscellany is awesome. just little bits of this and that. kind of like what you would find if you went junking and kept your favourite finds in a special drawer.


i was concerned that the back of the tray may damage the newly painted walls in his bedroom. if it were to just hang on the wall, it would be fine. but i figure it may get a bit of use. i covered the back with some folded tissue paper, then covered it with the pattern paper.

before i adhered the paper, i did some stamping.


i used some red, blue and black inks. even a combination of all 3 on the same stamp. i love that it looked like it had been in the sun for a while.


and a little note from me!

the last thing we need to do is finish putting on the glow-in-the-dark star wall decals. he has a number of them on the wall already, but wanted to not put all of them on. i think he has finally changed his mind. i thought it would be fun for him to choose a constellation and we could get it put on his wall in the star stickers.

i am so happy that their bedrooms are looking better. some days i wish they could just give me full permission to decorate how i think they should look. other days i am happy that they love their rooms and have a say in their decorating style. i do wish i could take some of the space we have in our master bedroom and portion it off to them so that their rooms were a bit larger. that said, their bedrooms are about twice the size as they were in the old house. at least now they can fit more than just a tiny bed! it's all in our perspective.

now to decorate the master bedroom...still a lot of decisions to make before that is finished.

oh! cute story. today, Kiara told her teachers that her brother was famous. except she did not tell them why. they figured he had been on TV or something. well, i think they may have had their 5 seconds of fame on local TV at some point...but that isn't what she was talking about. at supper tonight, i was sharing this story with Kristian. Kiara speaks up, "i told them Aidan was famous, but i forgot to tell them i was famous too!." we chuckled over that. a friend of mine recently learned that one of my projects had been featured in Simply Homemade last year. her comment to Kiara and Aidan was that she didn't realize they were famous. i guess the whole situation has suddenly made Kiara realize that it is unique. it makes me laugh because when i was a kid i just wanted to be recognized for something...anything!... in our small community. i never was. and here are my kids who are living my dream. life has a funny way of surprising us sometimes.


  1. Great project Roxanne! It is sooooo cute! Aiden is a lucky boy!

  2. You are a good mommy!! This tray is wonderful, Roxanne! lucky lucky boy :)


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